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Perfect End to a Great Series! Midnight Shadows by Ella Grace

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Perfect End to a Great Series! Midnight Shadows by Ella GraceMidnight Shadows by Ella Grace
Series: Wildefire #3
Published by Self Published on March 7, 2015
Genres: Romantic Suspense
Pages: 334
Format: eBook
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The thrilling and emotional conclusion to the Wildefire Trilogy

Known as the wild child of Midnight, Alabama, Sabrina Wilde has worked hard to earn that reputation. But beneath the tough girl façade lies a hurting, vulnerable heart. Fiercely loyal and protective of those she loves, Sabrina will do whatever it takes to keep her loved ones safe.

Private Investigator Ian Mackenzie has loved Sabrina for years. Understanding her pain and wariness of commitment doesn't stop him from hoping that someday she will trust him with her heart. When Sabrina puts herself in jeopardy, willing to sacrifice her life to save others, Ian has no choice but to foil her plans. He never knew what it would cost him.

As evil descends upon Midnight and Sabrina’s worst nightmares are realized, she is forced into an impossible position—trust her loved ones with her shameful secret or forever live in the shadows of the past.

One man is determined that she doesn't survive to do either.



Quick summary

Sabrina (Bri) Wilde returned to her hometown of Midnight inexplicably six months ago. Now we learn the reason why as she’s been vigilant daily in monitoring the town for unwelcome visitors. Of course it’s related to work she was conducting in Florida, sort of with her former partner and still current lover, Ian Mackenzie.


What I loved

There’s much more tension and suspense in this story compared to the first two books in the series. That doesn’t mean the romance takes a back seat because I can’t think of too many men more romantic and sexier than Ian. He’s constantly challenged by the commitment phobic Sabrina and never fails to meet them beautifully. He’s always got her back and saves her hide on numerous occasions.

The villains are truly awful, scary and always in the background whenever they weren’t an immediate threat. It wasn’t always clear, either, who were the good guys. I had to forsake sleep to finish the book in order to lower my anxiety (in case you’re wondering…that’s the way I like it).


The bottom line

Sabrina’s story is a wonderful close to a really great series. While her angst and recklessness was at times frustrating, she’s an admirable character that I liked a lot. Ian is now a member of my book boyfriend hall of fame…he’s that wonderful. But, I’m hoping there’s a spinoff or at least a novella for a couple of the men showing up in this story. I’d wait in line to read it. Well done.

About Ella Grace

Ella Grace is the pseudonym for NYT Bestselling author Christy Reece. Ella’s Midnight series is based in her home state of Alabama. The first book, MIDNIGHT SECRETS, was released April 2013 and includes steamy romance, mystery, and suspense set in the small fictional town of Midnight, Alabama.

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Review: Midnight Lies by Ella Grace

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The set up The story begins five months earlier, around the same time as the beginning of the first book. Samantha Wilde is an Atlanta Police Department homicide detective involved with Quinn Braddock, an emergency room doctor. They have quite the physical relationship but haven’t really invested the time and effort to really get to know each other. Both are reluctant to go explore their pasts as revisiting it is painful and shameful. When Quinn comes under suspicion for murder, it derails their relationship and she returns to Midnight. The issues Samantha and Quinn have a smoldering and steamy physical relationship but he resists commitment because of his disastrous first marriage. Both shouldered responsibility for what happened to them in Atlanta and try hard to […]

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The Set Up Triplet sisters Savannah, Samantha and Sabrina Wilde lost their parents in a brutal “murder-suicide” in Midnight, Alabama when they were 10 years old. It was blamed on their father but we know that’s not so from the prologue. Their paternal grandfather is left to raise them and when Savannah was 18, she fell in love with Zach Tanner, a noble boy from a troubled home. The Conflict It’s 10 years later and Savannah returns to Midnight for a couple of months, not having seen Zach in all that time. He’s hoping for forgiveness for what tore them apart and she’s not sure she can handle seeing him again. Both have secrets that they’ve held back. The Mystery Somebody murdered Beckett and Maggie […]