The Book Nympho

The focus is BOOKS, mainly in the Urban Fantasy, Romance genres. But since I’ve added a couple of associate reviewers you will find more reviews on some of the other subgenres in romance like, Contemporary Romance, Historical Romance and Romantic Suspense.

How did I come up with the blog title? My husband helped me come up with it. I wanted something that said I love books and can’t get enough of them. And since I do go on smut reading binges, I thought that Nympho summed up my obsession with books and hinted at the steamier books I read. And so The Book Nympho was born in March 2011.

From the Urban Dictionary:

Nympho – Someone, normally female, that eats, breathes, & lives for sex BOOKS. She is insatiable & always ready to play READ but she can be picky in her selection (of books).